Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main ingredients?

Plant-based Enzymes, Hypochlorous Acid, Hypochlorite Ion, Water.

Can it be used in the litter box or not?

It can be used for spraying around litter box and on litte rbox itself during the cleaning. It’s not recommended to spray the product directly on the sand as the product is a water-based spray and may causethe sand to coagulate.

What surfaces it can be used on?

It can be used on any surfaces such as plastic, wooden floor, carpet, rubber fabric, steel, aluminum and etc.

What smells can be eliminated?

It removes the odor residue from the pet waste on surfaces; or non-desirable odor remaining on the surface that is caused by pet spraying.

Can spray directly on my pet's skin?

PETVIC Odor Eliminator . Use only on the surface. Cannot be used directly on the pet's skin.

If my pet accidentally licks or swallows the product? Is it dangerous?

After using PETVIC Odor Eliminator keep the pets away from that area until the surface is dry.

The product is 500 ml. How long can it be used ?

It depends on how often you use the product and the amount of the use per time.

What types of pets smells the product can help to remove odors from?

It removes odors on surfaces from all types of pets including exotic pets.

Can the produt be used with other cleaners?

PETVIC Odor Eliminator can be used with other products.

After using the product, do I need to rinse it out?

No rinsing is required.

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