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  • What are the main ingredients?
    Extract Plant Enzymes, Pure Natural Essential Oils.
  • Can it be used for spraying while people are in the room?
  • What places can be used?
    Inside the house such as bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, diaper changing rooms. And the area where the pet is living.
  • What kind of odors does it help to eliminate?
    Odors such as cigarette smells, strong food odors, junk odors, musty odors from the wardrobe and shoes, drain smell and odors inside the car.
  • Can it be kept in the car?
    It can be stored inside the car. But it is not suitable for keeping in a car parked outdoors. (Temperature higher than 40 degrees Celsius) because it will cause the product to deteriorate faster. But the product itself is not frameable because it does not contain alcohol or frameable hazardous substances.
  • Will it be dangerous if accidentally sprayed on the skin?
    It depends on the individual’s skin condition. In case of sensitive skin, should be followed the instruction which is shown on the label.
  • Can it be used in a room with air flow? Or it must be used in a fully enclosed air-conditioned room?
    It can be used everywhere. And to achieve the product efficiency, you should be sprayed at the source of the unpleasant smell.
  • I am pregnant, Can I use the product?"
  • The product 500 mL how long it can be used?
    It depends on how often you use the product. And the amount of the use per time.
  • The product could help deodorize immediately?
    Leave it for a while before using the area.
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