Frequently Asked Questions

Can it be used for newborns?

It can be used for newborns. Because it is 100% non-toxic, does not contain alcohol and fragrances. It is non-irritant for eyes and skin.

Can it be transferred to another bottle? And what is the reason that should not be used with other containers?

Steriplant can be transferred only into original Steriplant bottles. You can buy a 500 mL bottle of SteriPlant and then pour it into a 50 mL small bottle of SteriPlant. But do not pour it into other containers. SteriPlant’s bottle is standard HDPE plastic bottles and have been tested to maintain the properties of electrolysed water.

After opening the package, how SteriPlant should be stored to maintain its effectiveness?

The packaging should not be left open. Make sure packaging is closed tightly when not in use. Keep it in a dry place at room temperature not over 40 °C.

Can I add a new SteriPlant solution into the bottle with leftover (old) SteriPlant solution?

Please use it all before adding a new SteriPlant solution.

Can I reuse the packaging of SteriPlant?

For hygiene reasons, the packaging should not be used more than 2-3 times.

Can I use SteriPlant with a small fogging machine?

To apply a gallon size of SteriPlant with a small fogging machine, the material of the water tank of the fogging machine should be HDPE plastic. In case you don’t know the material of the water tank, make sure you use up SteriPlant in the tank, it should not be left overnight.

Can I mix SteriPlant with water for using in a small fogging machine?


When I want to use the funnel for filling and pouring SteriPlant solution, what material of funnel should I use?

Use plastic funnel. Do not use metal funnel.

How long SteriPlant 50 mL can be used?

SteriPlant 50 ml bottle has an average of 320 puffs/sprays.

Where can I use SteriPlant?

SteriPlant is suitable for a variety of applications such as baby's stroller, baby’s toys, baby's tilts, breast milk pumping machine, utensils, seat, car seat, or any surfaces or public area that need sanitation.

Do I need to rinse or wipe-off after applying with SteriPlant?

You do not need to rinse or wipe-off because SteriPlant is 100% water based sanitising water that kills pathogen germs at contact time and will not leave any residue.

Is it safe if I accidentally ingested SteriPlant?

It's safe because SteriPlant is produced from electrolysis process by using purified water and table salt that will not cause any harm to human.

Is SteriPlant certified or registered with FDA?

SteriPlant is registered with Thai FDA under medical devices. SteriPlant has been certified by many reputable institutions such as Department of Medical Sciences, Ministry of Public Health Thailand and other reputable certified laboratories in Thailand and overseas.

Can I keep SteriPlant in the car under the sun’s heat?

Please avoid keeping SteriPlant in the car & exposed to sun’s heat. It should be kept in normal room temperature & normal storage conditions.

Is there any harm in leaving SteriPlant in the car under sun’s heat?

The product efficacy will be affected if it is exposed to high temperature and under sunlight. However, the product will not cause any harmful effect to you.

Does SteriPlant contain alcohol?

No, SteriPlant does not contain alcohol.

Are there any dangerous or flammable ingredients?

SteriPlant doesn’t contain any flammable or dangerous ingredients.

Can I use SteriPlant to sanitise the air?


Why does SteriPlant (electrolysed water) have some smell like chlorine?

The chlorine smell in SteriPlant comes from the ingredient of sodium chloride (salt) breakdown during electrolysis process which is the smell maybe similar to the saltwater pool's smell but, it's not chlorine!

What are the causes of the deterioration of SteriPlant?

Incorrect storage or usage.

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