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MAGNIFRESH is manufactured in Thailand by an Exothermic Reaction Synthesis; creating a proprietary, one-of-a-kind odor neutralizer of non-toxic, eco-degradable botanical extracts, all having a long history of safety in use. The result of the process is a water-based compound that features a semi-rigid, concave molecular structure giving MAGNIFRESH the unique ability to capture and hold malodors such as mercaptans, amines, and sulfide. The degradation of MAGNIFRESH can go on even without a living organism.


MAGNIFRESH has built into the molecules' weak points, making them eco-degradable, such that they are destroyed naturally after performing their task, leaving your environment completely odor-free.

MAGNIFRESH will eliminate all unpleasant airborne, static, or embedded odors almost instantly. MAGNIFRESH contains the combination of proprietary botanicals or plant extracts in our ingredients, free from alcohols and perfumes. MAGNIFRESH comes with a natural signature scent.

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